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NDIS funded services provided by Interchange Loddon Mallee

Information about the categories of support we offer as a registered NDIS provider is provided via the list below. A list such as this provides basic information – you will need to talk with us to explore how your needs can best be met under the umbrella provided by the new NDIS funding arrangements.


We work with you to help put your NDIS plan into action. We can support you to:

  • Identify services that meet your individual needs.
  • Coordinate service providers and support that you choose.
  • Liaise with government agencies.
  • Obtain quotes for services.
  • Link you into work or other community activities.
  • Coordinate health and medical specialists.
  • Implement and monitor your NDIS plan.
  • Assist with renewing your goals prior to a plan review.

  • Assist with daily living

If you receive NDIS funding under this category we can support you in the following ways:

  • Assist with self-care activities inclusive of high intensity needs including overnight and weekends.
  • Assist with and/or supervise personal tasks of daily life in a range of environments (e.g. your own home, in group or shared living arrangements) to enable you to live as independently as possible.
  • Arrange short term accommodation and assistance (e.g. respite care).
  • Improving daily living skills by providing assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting including assisting in planning purchases.
  • Individual training provided in the home for general life skills to increase independence.
  • Access mainstream services that promote inclusion of people with a disability to expand opportunities for community participation and employment.

  • Assistance with social and community participation

NDIS funding received under this category allows for:

  • Provision or negotiation of supports to enable a participant to engage in community/social or recreational activities within the community.
  • Activities include camps, vacation and outside school hours’ care, course or membership fees, tuition fees, art classes, sports coaching and similar activities that build skills and independence.

  • Plan management

Plan management is the financial management of your NDIS plan. It includes making payments to providers, expense claims processing, developing monthly statements for participants and claiming payment from the NDIA.

Interchange Loddon Mallee offer:

  • a plan management service whereby they offer a one-off setting up of the financial management arrangements for management of NDIS funds, or
  • a monthly service for the ongoing maintenance of the financial management arrangements for managing of funding of supports.

  • Improved daily living skills

NDIS funding received under this category is for

  • provision of time limited support to assist a person to develop and maintain a daily budget, including assisting in planning purchases
  • individual training provided in the home for general life skills to increase independence (includes public transport training and support).