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A Host or Host Family who have an interest in contributing to the support of another family are matched with a person who has a disability. The match is facilitated by Interchange Staff and support is ongoing for both the Host and the matched family.

Interchange strongly encourages a commitment of 12 months minimum, however support is flexible; it can be a few hours, overnights, or weekends, depending on the respite needs of the family and the availability of the Host.

How Will You Be Matched?
Significant time, care and preparation goes into the matching process, while considering common interests, lifestyle and preferences, to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the arrangement. Compatibility is key to the success of the program. Host matches can take many forms, from a buddy or mentor for a teenager, to a ‘second family’ for a young child.

The Interchange Coordinator will match a person most suited to the Host/Host Family lifestyle and then consult with the client’s family. If all parties believe the match is appropriate an introductory meeting will be arranged with an Interchange Coordinator present. More meetings can be arranged until all parties are comfortable and confident with the arrangement.

What is the Purpose of the Host Program?
  • To provide parents with a break from the pressures of providing constant care for a child who has a disability;
  • To build a meaningful relationship between the person who has a disability, their family and the host or host family;
  • To extend life experiences and social networks for all of the participants;
  • To contribute to the building of a caring, accessible, inclusive and connected community.
There is no cost associated with joining the Host Program. If you would like to contribute to the life of a person living with a disability, please contact one of our friendly coordinators in your local area for more information.