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Interchange Adult and Youth Social Groups provide opportunities for participants to be socially connected with people their own age and with shared interests.

Activities are chosen by the group members and have included bowling, movies, The Zone, sporting activities shopping and more!

The social groups assist participants to develop friendships, as well as being able to enhance community involvement, broaden their interests and social connections and hence improve their self-confidence and well-being.

Quotes from some participants regarding the social groups are as follows:

“I Like going out and doing fun activities”
“I like to go out and see my friends and do fun things with them that I would not get to do otherwise.”
“I have the best times and like meeting my friends, new people and having fun”.
“It is a social outlet for people with disabilities to have time out to have fun and socialise with other people and activities. It is also the only social outlet I have apart from family.”