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Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region Inc. (Interchange LMR) is an NDIS registered disability support provider, with over 30 years’ experience in providing community, social, recreational and at home support to individuals with disabilities. In view of this experience, Interchange IMR has become a leader in the disability industry in the Loddon and Mallee regions. Our role is to support people with a disability to connect with their community and lead the life of their choice.

Interchange LMR staff have a person-centred approach when providing support to participants. A person-centred approach involves listening, being open-minded, coaching, sharing ideas and seeking feedback. This process is ongoing and evolving to ensure each person is supported in working toward his or her personal goals.

Interchange LMR is committed to ensuring that the people who care for participants in programs or services act in the best interests of the individual and take all reasonable steps to ensure their safety. Interchange LMR is a child safe organisation and undertakes all reasonable steps to guard the safety of all children within our care.

Victoria’s first Interchange program was established in December 1980. Moves to establish a program centered in Bendigo began in November 1982. In July 1983, at a public meeting, an interim committee was formed to oversee the establishment of Interchange Loddon-Campaspe Region, as this region was known until the change to Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region in 1994.
Interchange Loddon (Campaspe) Mallee has been an incorporated association since 1986.

One of the great strengths of Interchange in this region over the years has been its continuing emphasis on being consumer driven and personalized. We are not the cheapest option …. but can boast quality.

Interchange has grown from a single core program, the Host Program, in the early years to become a wide-ranging support service for families, children and adults.

Interchange broadened its regional base with the opening of an office in Swan Hill, in December 1991, followed by an office in Mildura in February 1992.
Today offices are located in Bendigo and Mildura.

Interchange (Bendigo) has had three physical moves in its history. The first base was in shared office space in View Street, followed by a move in 1987 to self-contained premises in View Street. In 1989, Interchange moved to its current base at 127 Mitchell Street, which underwent a major ($2M) redevelopment and extension in 2011 with funding from the Federal Government under the Jobs Fund.

Interchange is part funded through the Department of Health & Human Services – Home and Community Care (HACC) program, Disability Services and Fee for Services.


Quality Assurance


Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region’s quality management system demonstrates our commitment to consistently provide services that meet changing customer and regulatory requirements.

Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region is registered with the Department of Health & Human Services.

You can download Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region’s Quality Policy below:




Interchange LMR promotes communities that value the human rights and contribution of all people, embrace diversity and encourage full and active participation.




To support people with a disability to connect with their communities and lead the life of their choice


Values – the things that matter to us


Choice and control: We uphold the right of everyone to have choice and control over their lives

Dignity and respect: We treat everyone with dignity and respect and value all views

Innovative: We are open to change, value feedback, take action to improve

Human Rights: We support and promote the rights of individuals and families through active commitment to the principles of social justice and equality.

Engagement and empathy: We talk with and listen to participants and families.

Flexibility: We strive at all times to be flexible in mind and practice to meet the needs of those seeking our support.

Empowerment: We provide information and support to enable people to make their own choices and decisions.
Inclusion: We act inclusively to make sure each person can expect the best possible outcomes according to their circumstances, needs and aspirations.


Organisational Structure


View our current Organisational Structure below:

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