Strategic Plan

In order to fulfil our purpose, the Interchange LMR Board, in consultation with management and staff, has developed a Strategic Plan covering the period from 2019 to 2022, to deliver positive outcomes across four Key Results Areas of the organisation.


Detailed in our Strategic Plan are our Objectives for each Key Results Area.  We encourage you to learn more about these below:



  • Create sustainability through diversification of sources
  • Implement fit for purpose integrated processes and systems to maintain and create efficiency
  • Ensure existing and new service models are sustainable
  • Build on and improve fiscal management and associated reporting capability
  • Build on our recognized brand to retain and attract participants



  • Seamless transition to National Quality Standards Framework
  • Appropriate compliance with legislation/regulation
  • Ensure applicable mechanisms are in place for participant/staff feedback
  • Utilise outcome-based data to inform, advocate and measure impact



  • Continue to be employer/organization of choice for staff, participants and community
  • Ensure our team is skilled, capable and inspired
  • We employ committed, motivated people who contribute to our culture
  • We strive for continuous improvement



  • Create partnerships to diversify our services to our participants
  • Continue to value and strengthen our existing partnerships
  • Partner with aligned businesses to strengthen our impact


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