Entrepreneur Alexandra

Meet Alexandra Reimers… artist, entrepreneur and now, writer.

Alexandra’s love of writing has led her to launch her own blog – Girl on Wheels.   Why Girl on Wheels you ask?  No, Alexandra is not a car lover, but a passionate young woman living with a cerebral palsy who uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Through her candid writing, Alexandra hopes to share her personal thoughts and experiences and also give readers an insight into her life living with cerebral palsy.

Following a long-term relationship of support and friendship with Interchange Loddon-Mallee, Alexandra has recently made the decision to manage her own affairs.  Following this decision, Mum Helen, provided the following glowing words of thanks:

“It is me who needs to be thanking you, you guys are amazing. I was a little sad when Alex wanted to manage all her own affairs, not for her choice or courage, but for it marking the end of a wonderful era with Interchange. 

I came on board an overprotective, worried mother, struggling to loosen my apron strings – now Alex has moved out – wow!

This move would never have happened without the encouragement and support from Interchange for Alex to have a chance to explore and discover herself over the years.

The continual support from all staff has been amazing. The careful consideration of support workers to work with Alex, also amazing. 

I will always think of Interchange with love and gratitude in my heart. 

With the greatest sincerity,

Helen x”

Thank you, Helen.  And Alex, we are so proud of your achievements and wish you well with your future goals and aspirations. 

Read Alexandra’s “Girl on Wheels” Blog here  https://girlonwheeels.com

In addition to to her “Girl on Wheels” blog, Alexandra also sells her own line hand-painted mugs “The Alexandra Collection”.   Learn more about “The Alexandra Collection” https://www.facebook.com/Thealexandracollection01/

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