Family Getaway

Thanks to generous funding funding received from Carer Support Services, Interchange LMR is running a weekend Family Getaway for our families.

The getaway will consist of a three-day camp beginning at 3:00pm on the Friday and finishing at 4:00pm on the Sunday.

Families will undertake camp-based bonding activities and games where they can work together to achieve tasks, network with other families, have fun and build on their family relationships. The children living with disabilities will be supported by our staff to ensure uninterrupted participation in the planned activities.

Dates of the Family Getaway are yet to be confirmed but we are looking for a weekend in February or March next year.

Cost per family is only $200.00 for the weekend.

If this is something that you would like to participate in, please contact Eli Geary at Interchange on: 
PH: 54411599 E:

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