Fun for Kids on School Holiday Program




Attendees of the first  School Holiday Program of 2019 were treated to a range of exciting activities over three days.

We began day one with a visit to Lake Neangar, where participants climbed, swung and slid their way through the amazing playground before a picnic lunch.  The group well and truly ‘beat the heat’ in the afternoon with a swim at the new indoor pool, which was the first time some participants had visited the facilities. The indoor splash park was a hit with participants already wanting a return visit!

Day two provided, what was to be, the overwhelming highlight of the program when participants ventured to Werribee Zoo.  Participants loved the safari where they were able to witness giraffes, gorillas and lions roam.

On the final day the group went shopping for ingredients to make healthy wraps for lunch. Wraps were enjoyed while watching a movie and some games played before the program concluded.

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