Jubilee Lake Camping Bliss

Late March a group of keen campers headed off on a 2 night camp.  The Jubilee Lake Camp was something that we hadn’t done before at Interchange and we wanted to give a true ‘Outdoors’ experience.

On the first day, all of the campers helped with the shopping and setting up the site.  Interchange participant John, found himself at his familiar place – manning the BBQ.

After tea the gents relaxed and watched the opening game of the 2019 AFL season together.

After a good night sleep and some breakfast, the campers decided to try and catch some trout from the lake.  Others enjoyed bushwalking and there was plenty of preparing and cooking of meals. But the activity that everyone kept coming back to was just chilling in the camp chair and talking to their peers. There’s nothing like spending some time in the bush and having a chat amongst the trees, water and wildlife.

The participants all helped with doing the dishes, made their own beds and at the end of the trip packed up the camp site,.

Unfortunately no fish were caught during the camp, but everyone had fun!

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