Jye & Rob fester up!

Interchange participant Jye, asked to be supported at this year’s Oktoberfest in Bendigo.

He was so keen for the event that he had already purchased himself some lederhosen!

Community Facilitator, Rob, was equally as excited when asked to support Jye at the event and ordered himself lederhosen as well.

But as it would happen the event was unfortunately cancelled. What were the lads to do now?

No worries… we heard that The Metro/Pugg Mahones were putting on an Oktoberfest event on the day. YES!!

So the two lads got kitted up and joined in the festivities anyway.
It looks like the the two larrikins had a fantastic time!

Another great example of the lengths our Community Facilitators are willing to go to ensure our participants achieve their goals and have fun along the way!

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