Let’s Go Bike Riding!

Sparked by a suggestion from participant, Gary Telford, the Interchange Our Choice group enjoyed a fantastic day of bike riding recently at the O’keefe Rail Trail.

Gary had an idea a few months ago that he wanted to go bike riding with his friends on the Our Choice Group. Gary owned some bikes and generously offered to lend them to the group and started to perform some minor repairs to his bikes in readiness for the day.

One of our dedicated Community Facilitators, Byron Storie also offered to lend a trailer to transport the bikes to the O’Keefe Rail Trail. So, the plan was starting to come together.

The group started out with a bike riding day at the Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub to see how many participants would try to ride a bike. To our surprise, everyone had a turn at riding either the two wheeled or three wheeled bikes and they all really enjoyed the experience. For a few participants, this was the first time they had rode a bike in over 20 years!

That day at morning tea, the group decided that, prior to winter setting in, they would like another bike riding day, and if possible, they would like to go riding on the O’Keffe Rail Trail. After some planning, we scheduled the O’Keefe Rail Trail Ride for two weeks’ time (6th June 2019).

Interchange had been approached by Community Sector Banking (CSB), Communications team, who were keen to work with us to take some photos for use in their marketing material. The Our Choice bike riding day was an ideal choice for this collaboration and as you can see, the photos are amazing! A big thank you to the team at CSB for allowing us to use these fantastic images.

The group had an enjoyable day riding bikes followed by afternoon tea at the Axedale Tavern. Unfortunately, Gary was unable to join the group on the day as he was unwell. However, we would like to thank Gary for his suggestion and the use of his bikes on the day. We look forward to him joining us next time we go bike riding when the weather warms up!

The Our Choice Group runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 9am and 2pm. The program supports participants to access recreation, leisure and social opportunities in their own local community and surrounding districts. Activities are chosen and planned by the group allowing them to enjoy shared interests, increase self-confidence and independence and build capacity for improved life choices and community participation.

For more information please contact Sandra Reilley on 03 5441 1599 or email Sandra.Rielley@interchangelm.org.au.

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