Mannie Sets up a Worm Farm

Our young participant Mannie absolutely loves bugs and worms and learning about organisms. When our Community Facilitator, Leeann, decided to set up a worm farm at home, Mannie jumped at the opportunity to assist with this.

Leeann and Mannie went to Bunnings together where they looked at the different worm farms available. Together they decided on the one to purchase.

They took it back to Leeann’s home and the next session they worked together to set it up.

Mannie assisted by reading the instructions and then finding the appropriate parts and slotting it together. They then added the dirt and materials to the different levels, they then added the worms.

Mannie and Leeann had a discussion and investigation about recycling food scraps and added a some apple slices and stale bread for the worms.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 Mannie hasn’t been able to visit Leeann’s home to check on the worm farm progress, but hopefully soon he will be able to head back for a look and report back to us on how it is progressing.

This is a perfect example of how our Community Facilitators really get to know people, learn their interests and goals and tailor activities to match.

Great teamwork Leeann & Mannie ?

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