Samantha Shares Her Talents

Samantha came to our organisation earlier this year, feeling frustrated with other service providers in Mildura. She was disengaging with them and finding the support was not what she wanted; so her journey began with Interchange with 1:1 support.

Samantha suffers from a psycho social disability, as most do she has her good and bad days, she is socially isolated, but having worked with her the past 6 months, we have discovered she has a fantastic crafting skill of quilling.

Just last month she entered her piece she had been working on for many months into the Mildura show and won a first place in her category & also an overall best in show award.

Given her skills with this, we decided here in Mildura to tap into her skills and invited her to run an introduction to quilling session with our Cre8tive minds group recently.

This session was fabulous not only for the young participants but for Samantha too. It boosted her mood, she texted all week before the session saying how much she was looking forward to doing it and I received a text afterwards to say how much she really enjoyed doing the session.

It was great in giving her a feeling she has some purpose in life, involved her in something social to give her some confidence  and helped her to realise she too has special skills and abilities. We look forward to involving her with our Cre8tive Minds group again in the future.

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