Condition of Services


Cancellations or alterations to service delivery
In the event that you no longer require the support scheduled or you wish to adjust the support, please provide Interchange LMR with a minimum of 5pm the night before services are delivered, except in the case of an emergency which you or your representative must advise us about. Failure to notify Interchange LMR will result in you being charged for the scheduled services. Arrangements or amendments for Participant sessions must only be made with your Interchange Coordinator.

Payment of accounts
Self-funded participants may pay service accounts by direct deposit, direct debit, credit card or cheque. Payments must be paid 14 days after an invoice has been received from Interchange LMR. For further account-related queries, please feel free to contact our Accounts Department.

Maintain and update of personal information
In registering with Interchange LMR participants are asked to provide personal information which is important to the delivery of supports. Interchange LMR asks participants and their representative to ensure we are kept up to date with changes to personal information. Each year participants and their families are asked to review this documentation to ensure we have the most up to date information. We also require copies of updated NDIS plans including annual reviews and revised plans.

Late collection or extension of service delivery
In the event that a participant’s session extends beyond the scheduled time-frame at the request of the participant or their representative, or the participant has not been collected within the scheduled period, Interchange LMR will charge the participant for the extension of service, which may include overtime rates if applicable.

Your Responsibilities

  • To respect the human worth and dignity of Interchange LMR staff and other participants.
  • To treat the Interchange LMR staff and other participants with courtesy.
  • To play your part in helping Interchange LMR provide you with the best possible service.
  • To provide a safe work environment for Interchange LMR Staff.

Your Expectations 

  • To receive good quality services.
  • Respect for individual human worth and dignity.
  • To be supported in a safe environment free from abuse or neglect.
  • To be treated with courtesy.
  • To be assessed for access to service without discrimination.
  • Be provided with information about the nature, level and costs of services provided.
  • To be informed and consulted about available services.
  • To be part of decisions made about the nature of assistance you are provided.
  • To choose from available alternatives.
  • To pursue a complaint regarding service provision without retribution.
  • To involve an advocate of choice.
  • Privacy and confidentiality and access to all personal information.


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