Personalised Support


In line with our own COVID-19 Response Plan that is guided by expert advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Federal and State Governments, 1:1 support will continue to be provided in participants’ homes or paid accommodation for the purposes of personal care, access to essential services and respite.  Supports are no longer being provided in the homes of direct support staff.

Participants who wish to access 1:1 supports please contact our office on
5441 1599.

Interchange LMR actively practices the “Person-Centred Approach” when providing support to participants. This process is ongoing and evolving to make sure each person is supported in working toward his or her personal goals. There are endless possibilities of when and how a participant can be given support, depending on the funding they receive.

Read some of our Participant Stories…

Gold Coast Getaway Jun 19, 2020 - Earlier this year a group of 8 travellers enjoyed the sites and excitement of the Gold Coast.... Here are some highlights of their trip.
Gaining Independence through Cooking Jun 15, 2020 - With social distancing laws in play, a lot of our regular 1:1 supported capacity building sessions are moving indoors and around the home.
Mannie Sets up a Worm Farm Jun 12, 2020 - Our young participant Mannie absolutely loves bugs and worms and learning about organisms. So.... Leeann and Mannie decided to set one up!
Learning from Home Jun 10, 2020 - To assist Rodney with his home-based learning, Interchange CF, Les, attends these sessions to ensure the workshop runs as smoothly as possible...
Adults Trip to Tasmania Feb 10, 2020 - In December 2019 a group of adult participants enjoyed a trip to Tasmania visiting many of the popular tourist attractions....
Samantha Shares Her Talents Nov 22, 2019 - Samantha shares her talent of quilling with Mildura Cre-8-tive Minds participants.
Jye & Rob fester up! Nov 20, 2019 - Interchange participant Jye, asked to be supported at this year’s Oktoberfest in Bendigo. Following the cancellation of the event, the lads had a fantastic time at The Metro.
Sance’s Holiday Aug 9, 2019 - Supported by Sharon, Talitha and Emily, Sance enjoyed her own holiday at home while her parents experienced the culture, food and sights of China.

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