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Interchange LMR actively practices the “Person-Centred Approach” when providing support to participants. This process is ongoing and evolving to make sure each person is supported in working toward his or her personal goals. There are endless possibilities of when and how a participant can be given support, depending on the funding they receive.

Read some of our Participant Stories…

AFL Ball Stewards Apr 1, 2018 - During March Cail & Jedd travelled to Olympic Park in Melbourne to perform their roles as AFL Ball Stewards.
Adults enjoy an Anglesea Adventure Mar 2, 2018 - In January 2018, 8 participants enjoyed the beach, canoeing, archery and more at Anglesea.
Bendigo FIDA Football Try Outs – 7th & 14th March 2018 Mar 2, 2018 - Want to play Australian Rules Football? Are you aged over 14 years and live with disability? Join us and try FIDA footy!
Sancia’s Woolly Weekend Dec 18, 2017 - Sancia lives on a farm, loves sheep and even has a go at shearing, visited the Australian Sheep & Wool Show!
Stephen’s City Trip Dec 18, 2017 - During the holiday Stephen was able to develop positive and independent living skills with prompting and guidance from his Community Facilitator, Carmel.
John’s Veggie Patch Dec 18, 2017 - John is supported to prepare his veggie patch, erect a fence and sew seeds for his seasonal veggies
A Day on Ramsay Street Dec 4, 2017 - Interchange participant Tom visits Neighbours set of Ramsay Street with Community Facilitator Charlotte.
Tasmania – What a Trip! Dec 1, 2017 - In December 2016 a group of 6 participants embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Tasmania!
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