Support Coordination services


Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region Inc. provides Support Coordination services to assist you with finding the right providers who have services to meet your individual needs.

Interchange LMR Support Coordinators work together with you and your support network to help implement your NDIS plan in its early stages.

Interchange LMR believe in empowering people to develop their capacity to implement their NDIS plan. With choice, respect and dignity, we can help you to reach your full potential in coordinating your NDIS supports.

How can we help?

We support and empower you to:
– Implement and monitor your NDIS plan
– Investigate and identify options for Supports and Services to suit your needs
– Manage and help you understand your NDIS budget
– Help you set up MyGov and the NDIS Portal (Myplace)
– Obtain quotes for services
– Establish Service Agreements
– Source suitable accommodation and respite options if required
– Link you into employment or other community activities
– Support you to help resolve any issues
– Assist you with revising your goals prior to a plan review
– Assist you with scheduled and un-scheduled Plan Review process

What makes us different from other services?

  • Our team consists of specialised trained staff who are experts in the field of Support Coordination 
  • Our Support Coordinators are independent and will refer you to various services and programs of your choice
  • We support all levels of disability, all ages and have experienced coordinators to support individuals in building their capacity
  • We believe in your ability to develop your capcity to manage your NDIS services

How do I choose Interchange as my Support Coordinator?

Discuss with your NDIS planner if you have been approved for Support Coordination.

Let your NDIS planner know that you would like to choose Interchange LMR as your Support Coordinator a referral is made to us.

Upon receiving the referral from your NDIS Planner our Support Coordination team will promptly make contact with you to begin implementing your plan with the aim of achieving your goals.

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