Sherry completes her DreamCatcher

Sherry has been working on making a DreamCatcher with Interchange Community Facilitator, Talitha over a few weeks.

Here is the finished product!  What a beautiful DreamCatcher Sherry, fantastic effort.

Sherry receives one-on-one support from Interchange LMR, and also participates in the Our Choice Program.  Our Choice operates weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9am and 2pm.  The program provides participants with the opportunity to choose the activities which include travel to regional cities, trips to the Cinema, cooking, craft, bushwalking, fishing, BBQ’s, picnics, visits to the Library, swimming – the list goes on.

If you are interested in receiving one-on-one support or joining the Interchange LMR Our Choice program, please contact Interchange on 03 5441 1599.



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