Stephen’s City Trip





During February, Stephen took a short holiday to Melbourne with the support of Community Facilitator, Carmel. Here the pair visited some of the local attractions such as; St. Kilda Beach, Luna Park, Queen Victoria Market and Melbourne’s CBD & Parks.

During the holiday Stephen was able to develop positive and independent living skills with prompting and guidance from his Community Facilitator. Some of the outcomes that were achieved during the stay were:
  • Stephen was able to touch on & off his MyKi Card on all public transport. 
  • Stephen helped choose and purchase the items of food for their stay.
  • Stephen helped prepare and cook their evening meal on the BBQ.
When deciding where to go on their outing, Stephen chose Luna Park from a brochure and once there, chose which activities to do and rides to go on. The whole trip was a great success and Stephen had a great time interacting with Carmel, engaging with the Melbourne community and performing tasks to help with their holiday.

Stephen’s love for BBQ’s meant that he and Carmel went shopping for ingredients at the local Supermarket which Stephen, chose, scanned and paid for independently. Carmel found a coin operated BBQ for Stephen to cook their dinner on. This is one of Stephen’s favourite things to do.

Stephen and Carmel went to the Queen Victoria Market where they looked at the different stalls and Stephen especially liked petting the different animals there.

All in all it was an excellent three days for Stephen and Carmel who really enjoyed their stay.

If you would like to have a supported holiday to a destination of your choice then contact the staff at Interchange Loddon-Mallee Region on 54411599 to begin your conversation.

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